Communique Design, your web agency

Work with a Web agency recognized in the sphere of digital strategy to benefit from a personalized, creative and modern service.

Communique Design, your web agency
A reactive team is committed to your side

A reactive team is committed to your side!

Take advantage of the know-how of a professional team, passionate and on the ball. Improve your visibility with a pleasant visual identity and a relevant digital strategy.

Digital presence

Digital presence

Increase your digital performance and strengthen your online presence with the right expertise.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Be visible by search engines with a personalized digital strategy proposed by a competent agency.

Services: a wide range!

In addition to taking care of the creation of your site as, the mission of the team has been greatly expanded. They can work on the development, communication and general aspect of the platform.

Web & mobile development

Collaborate with the best in custom and responsive web design.

Graphic and web design

Entrust your visual identity to passionate professionals for more web traffic.

Advice in communication

Benefit from the best tips proposed by the experts for the implementation of your project according to your wishes.

Redesign services for your websites

Increase your visibility and traffic by reworking the foundations of your web project and giving it a new style and a new dimension.

Update of graphic charter

Establish a graphic charter with your image which will be thereafter transposed on your Web tool by the specialists.

Redirection of old urls

Get the best methods to redirect your old pages to improve your SEO.

Boost your visibility on Google

If you are planning to increase your visibility and that of your brand on the Internet, don’t wait any longer, ask for the help of a talented and popular SEO agency to improve the positioning.

Semantic Cocoon

Semantic Cocoon

Build and organize the architecture of your web platform with a semantic cocoon.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO works on everything that can optimize internal SEO.

Boost your visibility on Google

Off-site SEO

Give your web project a chance to take off with off-site SEO.

Internal linking

Boost the SEO of your site by setting up a good system of internal links.

Responsive web design

Communique Design is an ideal companion in the creation of responsively designed and modifiable websites. The layout of the contents will be optimized to adapt to the different devices eventually used by the visitor. Mark your presence on the web with a quality product.

WordPress website

A good agency puts its team of professionals at your disposal to meet all your strategic and design requirements in order to set up an easy to use and versatile WordPress platform to create attractive websites like

Installation of theme

The uniqueness of web project deserves the installation of a specific theme for more performance.

Setting up extensions

Configure the extensions in an ideal way in order to work on an optimized environment.

Installation of plugins

Install relevant plugins for your WordPress platform for proper customization.

A Web Design at the top

In today’s world, design plays an important role in the creation and visibility of your website. It conveys your visual identity and your values. Let professionals accompany you to create a user-friendly and relevant web interface.

Functional design

Design a functional Web design solution that is in line with your goals to increase your visibility on search engines.

Functional design
Emotional design

Emotional design

Encourage people to visit and act on your platform by implementing a design that works on feeling and emotion.

UX/UI Design

Entrust your interface to a professional communication agency to have an ergonomic and functional product.

Talented graphic design team

Enlist the help of a creative, quality graphic design agency to implement all of your requirements in an acceptable time frame without sacrificing the user experience.

Design mockups

The mock-up contains a set of pages and features formatted with a visual identity.

Responsive Design

Its use has many advantages when designing on multiple devices.

Graphic charter

It gathers all the essential visual elements of your brand, such as your logo, your fonts, etc.